Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dustbowl Presents: Our Host, Campus Corner

When visiting Norman, one must experience three different locations before leaving town; our beautiful downtown, the expansive and beloved OU campus and Historic Campus Corner.  Campus Corner has been the center for campus activities and Norman culture for nearly one hundred years.  With a diverse array of shops, the cozy nook, nestled just north of campus will be sure to tickle your fancy. 

If you're feeling hungry, you should look no further.  Campus Corner offers anything your heart (or stomach) desires, from homemade pasta to a create-your-own burrito to a sandwich made with donuts.  You can satisfy your breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert AND late-night snack urges on Campus Corner. 

To say the least, Campus Corner has a cache of varied choices, and attracts shoppers and gawkers, young and old.  Once the sun sets, however, the crowd turns to a more rowdy and ruckus environment.  The Corner offers a healthy nightlife for the more hedonistic crowd.  Whatever the adventure, quiet and cozy or glitzy and expansive, the Corner has you covered. 

Campus Corner buffers the excitement generated by the OU campus and mingles it with the slow pace of a growing town. It's history of being the center of college nightlife and activities is as rich as its culture.  Campus Corner lends this culture to anyone who ventures into the area. Scenic and quaint, yet groaning with the every present noise of growth, progress and enrichment, Campus Corner has it all!

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