Monday, July 13, 2009

Featuring Lana Williams!!!

Lana Williams is an accomplished, young artist based right here in Norman! We had a chance to catch up with her a couple of weeks ago to interview her. 

Lana, in addition to her current studies at the University of Oklahoma, has also been a part of Studio Artists International in Florence, Italy. Lana's work can be seen in Lion's Park on Flood Street and in galleries on Main Street. Lana assists classes at the Firehouse Art Center here in Norman. 

Dustbowl: Why Dustbowl?

Lana Williams: First year isn't it? I know you're an artist and you want to do something for other artists - trying to do something for the community. It's a way to get artists together. 

DB: What will you be selling at Dustbowl?

LW: Well, I started some little paintings today. Handmade skirts and stuff.

DB: Where do/have you studied?

LW: I studied in the Studio Art Center International in Florence Italy and did some community work there. I worked in hospitals making them a little more humanized and less sterile. I was painting tiles to be placed in different wards in the hospital. 
I also went to Scottsdale to work with Malcolm Yim from Taiwan. He has 30 or 40 students that he teaches all the time. He teaches realism-that's what he does...

DB: What are some of your favorite things?

LW: Well obviously painting. I like ceramics, too. And ridin' bicycles. 

DB: What will you look for at the market?

LW: Definitely jewelry, handmade clothing, knit or crocheted stuff. People could tie-dye stuff...

DB: You like tie-dye?

LW: Yeah, I mean, in moderation. I'm looking forward to the music. 

DB: Who do you want to see play?

LW: The Workweek.  (Still Pending)

DB: Any place you could suggest to out-of-towners that are at the market?

LW: The Earth Cafe

For more information about Lana and her work, you can visit her websites here or here.

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