Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pamela Michelle

The work of Dallas artist, Pamela Michelle is today's feature.
She's one of our neighbors from the great state of Texas that will be making her way up I-35 to show at Dustbowl this year. We are so happy to have her as a participating artist as well as a sponsor!

Dustbowl: Tell us a little about your business.
Pamela Michelle: Located in a small studio in Dallas, TX, Pamela Michelle creates and designs original artwork in wood, on canvas and on paper that you can wear, hang, love and enjoy.

DB: How did you start Pamela Michelle?
PM: Pamela Michelle started in the mid '07s as a way for me to unleash my imagination on the world. With modern influences and a Scandinavian twist, I thought I'd start small by just making prints of my paintings and selling them here and there. After a few months of just that, I got an itch and moved on to include something I just can't live without....jewelry! That's when I picked up one of my favorite materials, wood, and started to create something I'd never seen anywhere before, ever. Thus, the birth of my handmade wooden necklaces and rings. This story has just begun. I have many many big plans in the future, and hope I can share all the special moments with all of you.

DB: What is unique about your business?
PM: I grew up spending most summers with my grandparents, who educated me often my rich and glorious Scandinavian heritage. It was very important to them to keep traditions and values strong in the family lines. I fell in love with the hand carved wooden horses, wooden shoes, Nordic ships and every bit of Scandinavian history I could find around their house. I also always admired my grandmother's love of being an avid bird watcher. I know I will never know as much as she did about birds, but I loved watching them and learning about them through her. With both these influences strong in my heart and mind, I find myself diving in and exploring these two topics in my artwork. This is what makes Pamela Michelle jewelry and artwork unique. I don't create random illustrations, but parts of my heart that will live on forever in my artwork.

DB: What motivates you in your work?
PM: I'm motivated by the encouraging words of my friends and family and the kind compliments of strangers and customers. It's always fantastic knowing that you're not the only one excited about your work.

DB: How long have you been creating original works and crafting?
PM: Ever since i was a wee girl I've been getting my hand on anything I could to create something new. My favorite thing to do was to convince my dad to let me run wild and create in his workshop where there was all kinds of hammers, saws, nails and glue. I loved it! I always got frustrated when it came to following directions or a pattern with crafts, so I always ended up doing my own thing. I guess that's the designer in me trying to change the visual world with each new project.

DB: What do you make?
PM: I make handmade wooden necklaces, wooden rings, original paintings and prints. In my free time, I love re-purposing furniture, building unique displays for my shows, updating my adorable 1960s home, building gardens, up-cycling old clothing, designing handbags and accessories....oh my, I could go on forever.

DB: What inspires you most?
PM: The number one greatest influence on my artwork is my grandmother, who was an award winning florist back in her glory days. I love her love for all things nature and I hope that she gets a chance to live on in each piece of artwork I create.

DB: Your favorite thing in the world?
PM: My favorite thing will always be my honey, Dylan, aka Dowdy Studio. He's been there to fully support all my crazy ideas and outlandish dreams. In fact, he's usually right there with me (well, most of the time). He's currently illustrating, designing and creating his own screen printed tees, and will be right along side me at the Dustbowl Arts Market. Like I said, "I have big plans for the future"...but I also meant "we" have big plans.

DB: Your favorite meal?
PM: Seriously feed me some yummy fresh sushi and I will be your friend forever and ever! Any takers?

DB: If you were a color, what color would you be?
PM: This answer can change a lot, as I love lots of colors. At this very moment, I'd say I'd be a dusty aged lime green, not too bright or citrusy, more like a bright 1950's summer lawn chair that's been surviving outside for many summers and winters, then was thrown in a garage to wait and wait. It's now sun bleached, covered in dust and a perfect color.

DB: Your favorite place in the world?
PM: In my studio working with music blasting and a bottomless cup of coffee.

DB: Why did you decide to support Dustbowl?
PM: The Dustbowl Arts Market seems just like my kind of party. You just can't go wrong with 75 other talented vendors and artists in Norman, Oklahoma. I love supporting indie artists, designers and the whole handmade movement just like Dustbowl. I'm so happy to be a part of it all and can't wait to see everyone there!

DB: Thank you for sharing with us. We can't wait to have you at the Dustbowl!

For more of Pamela Michelle's work you can visit:
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