Wednesday, August 19, 2009

3 Yellow Starfish

Margaret Weimer of Three Yellow Starfish is a talented seamstress from the Dallas area. She's part of the great handmade group, Etsy Dallas, loooooves Joaquin Phoenix, (pre "crazy" Joaquin) speaks 2 languages, and is going back to UNT to get a degree in fashion design. Whoa! We are delighted she's squeezing in Dustbowl!

Dustbowl: How did you get started?
Margaret Weimer: I really liked making little clothing for kids!! I like making kids look adorable. My original intention was to make nicer clothes for boys because I have a little boy (girls get all the cute stuff!) but I found myself drawn to bright colors and dresses and basically switched gears there.. but I still do reversible overalls, lounge pants, and hopefully clip on ties soon to accommodate both genders!
DB: What do you make?
MW: Childrens clothing. Including reversible pinafore dresses (aka cross back jumpers), reversible overalls, diaper covers/ bloomers (for both boys and girls), lounge pants, crochet hats and hopefully a bunch of new items soon!

DB: How long have you been crafting?
MW: For about 3 years now.

DB: What inspires you most?
MW: Fabrics! I am a fabric fiend! I love all kinds..I even buy it when I don't need it, just to have it. It definitely inspires me to make new items.

DB: What is your favorite thing to create?
MW: I really like making these reversible pinafore dresses.
DB: Your favorite thing in the world?
MW: Spending time with my 3 year old son and husband! family days are the best.

DB: Your favorite place in the world?
MW: I really love Poland. It's where I am from/born originally. We're from the rural area. I love being away from the city and really just connect with nature and natural surroundings.

DB: Why do you want to be a part of Dustbowl?
MW: Because I would love to travel to OK! Although it is quite close, I've never been and I really love to be a part of awesome/unique handmade and local craft shows.

Check out her WEBSITE and her BLOG
Let's be sure to give miss Margaret a warm OKLAHOMA welcome!


  1. Gorgeous clothing and pictures. Looks like Dust Bowl is going to have a great group of artists!

  2. The clothes you make are gorgeous and one-of-a-kind and anyone with small children in their family has all the clothes they need in one stop shopping. The pinafores with little long sleeve T's and tights are great for fall and winter too. The clothes and the pictures are wonderful. Hope you will be a smashing success!

  3. What an imaginative assembly of color & design. The clothes and your marketing photos are amazing, good luck with Dust Bowl, I am sure you will be do very well!