Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dustbowl Helpful Info...

Hi Dustbowl Vendors!

We are so excited to have you.

We have heard from quite a few folks that our emails have been going into their spam boxes. If your name is on the vendor list and you didn't receive an email from us, please check your spam mail and uncheck us as spam. Thanks!

We are so glad to have you as part of Dustbowl. We are counting the days to August 29th. Since it is right around the corner we thought we would send you some helpful information that you might want leading up to the event as well as what to expect the day of.

* You have a great opportunity to promote yourself to 100 lucky Dustbowl patrons. We will be handing out 100 promo bags. The deadline to have any promotional items to be included in the bags is Monday, August 24th. Items must be mailed to or dropped off at The Wild Hare, formerly known as Alouette the Beadery, 319 White St, Norman, OK 73069.
* Sales Tax: Norman tax rate is 8.25%. Some people like to factor tax into their prices. This cuts down on having to deal with lots of change, we highly recommend it. Please keep track of all your sales. At the end of the day, you will be required to fill out a tax form and write a check to the OK Tax Commission concerning your sales for the day. Be sure to bring your check book.
* Oklahoma weather is unpredictable and August can get pretty warm. You will probably want to bring the following: Sunscreen, shade structure, hat, spray bottle, water, (Canopies can be NO LARGER than 10'x10'. ***We need to know 1 week in advance if you plan on bringing a tent for placement purposes.***)
* A courtesy area will be located on or near Buchanan Street. Water and snacks will be available throughout the day. The Wild Hare, (formerly Alouette the Beadery) will be available should you need a bathroom. Meals will not be provided.
* In an effort to encourage future generations of artists and creative people, we will be donating $5.00 for each participating vendor to The Firehouse Art Center. For more information about Firehouse you can visit:
* If you would like to promote yourself and Dustbowl, postcards will be available for pickup at The Wild Hare at 319 White Street in Norman and Collected Thread at 1705A NW 16th Street. If you would like to pickup postcards, let us know how many you would like and at which location you are picking up.

Day of Dustbowl Vendors

Check In Begins at 8:00 or 8:30. The check in tables will be located at

* Unloading - We will have more information concerning unloading and set-up closer to the event.
* Parking - The Presbyterian Church parking lot across from the church at 555 South University is our designated parking lot. Campus Corner parking is LIMITED. In order for Dustbowl to be a success, we need to make sure our patrons can park and come shop. After you unload, please park in the parking lot specified. Campus Corner parking lots are monitored and keep track of the length of time you are parked, resulting in tickets and towing. Make sure to park in the Presbyterian lot.
* Check in location - There will be a table set up across from Hideaway, directly in front of Tulips (centrally located on Buchanan). Please check-in no later than 9:30am to receive your booth location.
* You will be provided with a 6 foot table and 2 folding chairs. If your visual setup does not require a table, please let us know. All other merchandising materials are the responsibility of the participant.

* You will receive a packet at the time of check-in which will include the following items:
o Sale Tax Form
o Map - set up, courtesy area, bathrooms, Dustbowl founders booths, (where you can find us, emergency supplies,etc.),
o Name tags
o Info page
o Survey

If you have any questions, chances are others have them to. Please email them to us at so we can address them here on our blog.

* Things we need your feedback on:

- Do you need a table?
- Do you want postcards? If so, how many? What location will you be picking them up from?
- Are you using a tent/canopy? If so, is it a traditional 10x10 metal folding frame?

Dana, Reese and Katie

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