Friday, August 14, 2009

And Now a Word From One of Our Sponsors...

Cheyenne, Bishop Allen, Ryan Lindsey, Umbrellas and countless other awesome bands all made the same choice.... They decided to make their records with the help of the Norman recording experts at Blackwatch Studio.

The diverse community of artists behind the mixing boards at Blackwatch are our featured sponsor today.

Dustbowl: What is Blackwatch Studios all about?
Blackwatch Studio: Blackwatch Studio is a recording facility that houses a community of local talent working together to produce records for both local and national artists.
We believe greatly in the talent of the local music scene and strive to act as an avenue for local artists to work together. In a sense... the studio has a bit of a "floating staff" in effort to include as much local talent in the recording process as possible.

DB: How did Blackwatch get its start?
BW: The studio was initially a writing and rehearsal space for a small group of friends and bands. As time progressed... the number of records that were being made annually increased, and with that came an increased amount of investment that slowly transformed the studio into a commercial space.

DB: What type of artists does the studio attract?
BW: Blackwatch is intent on accommodating a comfortable work space and inspiring atmosphere. The studio has a great blend of vintage, modern, analog, and digital equipment which helps cater to numerous genres of music. Within the past year, the studio has put out rock, indie rock, pop, jazz, experimental, worship, and folk records.

DB: What is your biggest motivator?
BW: We love music and love making new art. Every record is a new opportunity to put out something exciting and fresh that no one has heard before. Each record we do is going to be heard by a new and different demographic. We're essentially creating our own resume everyday, so we want the records we put out to sound good just as much as the artists do.

DB: Why did you decide to support Dustbowl?
BW: We've wanted to be more involved the community than we have in the past. Supporting an arts festival seemed like a great way to start.

A big "THANK YOU" to Blackwatch Studios for their sponsorship! We can't wait to hear some of their bands Dustbowl.

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